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Brand: Nintendo Model: Nintendo switch
Description:Restore the joystick function of your left or right analog controlThis replacement is perfect for resolving drifting, sticking or faulty analog controlsit can also be used to replace the rubber when the sticks are worn or perished.Features:Replacement joystick thumb stick module for Swit..
Icloud Removal
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Brand: Apple Model: Ipad
Apple iPad iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service--> WiFi MODEL ONLY! <--This is a PERMANENT solution and NOT a bypass!How Does This Service Work?This is a hardware solution where upon receiving your iPad we will update the serial number and factory reset the device to then send it back to you..
Playstation 5 Hdmi
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Brand: Sony Model: Playstation 5 HDMI
Part: Replacement Sony PS5 HDMI port socket Condition: New Compatibility: Sony PS5This is a repair service which includes supplying and fitting of a playstation 5 hdmi port..
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